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Hide the SUBMIT button based on Radio Button?

Question asked by cc60193fc3c5c411731819f1485b1b3a1f9ce748 on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by cc60193fc3c5c411731819f1485b1b3a1f9ce748

I am trying to find a way to hide this SUBMIT button but have not found anything applicable in the case of this form located here:

Become A Customer


If I select option 3 "I need additional access...", then I would like the SUBMIT button to vanish.


Now I have asked this question before and the solution worked, but I cannot find it since the Marketo Community forum move.  In fact, quite a few of my posts have vanished as well!  Oh well.


I remember it was a simple solution.  Since this page went corrupt, and I had to quickly rebuild, I lost the code, in the meantime, I put a silly solution in place that just add's tons of spaces to shoot the submit button down below visibility.  LOL!


Your help is definitely appreciated.