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Facebook lead ad form's field integration

Question asked by be9f06b161538d9e4c7771e60f86838266a3a92a on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by be9f06b161538d9e4c7771e60f86838266a3a92a


I'm using Facebook Lead Ad with Marketo and so far everything is working fine. However, I need to add custom questions to the form and map them to a field in Marketo. In the launchpoint service configuration, when I try to map a "Facebook" field with a "Marketo" field, I only see available certain fields in the Facebook drop down menu (see below).


Do you know how can I get a field added to that dropdown? Is it configured somewhere in the Facebook page?


In addition, I also want to include an "opt-in/opt-out" checkbox in the Facebook form and have the preference selected sent to the "Unsubscribe" field in Marketo. However, i haven't been able to pass that value to any field in Marketo. I'm starting to believe that the issue might be to the fact that is a boolean field, but is just a "hunch".


Have any of you been able to successfully send the value of a "consent" radio button to a field in Marketo?


Very much appreciated!