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Marketo Integration with Sugar CRM

Question asked by f3607a2d6eb84cddec4d09d0be3d3c9482f3bd61 on Nov 21, 2016
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Hi Guys,


First post on the community so please be nice


Our organization is going through a massive change at the moment with lots of new pieces of technology coming on board such as Percolate and Sugar CRM. The later of the two is the one that I need some help and reassurance on. There is some differences of opinions between our IT and Marketing Automation agencies which is causing me to not fully understand what is best for our business and how Marketo and Sugar CRM will work together.


Has anyone integrated Sugar CRM with Marketo before and wouldn't mind helping out a little by answering a couple of questions?

Our IT company that we use and who is managing the integration have suggested that in the future we won't keep any records of leads in Marketo and instead they will be kept in the CRM and only pass through lead info to Marketo when we want to run a campaign or send an email out. So my questions are -

  1. Is it best practice to keep records in Marketo as well as the CRM or just pass leads back from the CRM to Marketo when you need to run a campaign?
    1. If the answer is to keep reocrds in both then by only keeping them in CRM what if any impact would it have on nurture / scoring campaigns? Our IT company seems to just think we use Marketo for simple batch and send campaigns when in reality it is the complete opposite.
  2. When a lead is created in the CRM should it automatically be passed through to Marketo?


Hope the above makes sense - please let me know if I need to go into more detail.


Thanks for your help!