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Lead Scoring Question

Question asked by 8a120128cdea973af1a9365e5ce8c4b48af3bc40 on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by 2f28f3514aacce0fc133b9bd34c94a6790c9e1b4

I’m setting up Lead Scoring for our future lead nurturing/email campaigns. I have our Behavior & Demographic Lead Scoring setup at a global level, respectively, as best as I can. I decided before running a real email campaign with Lead Scoring applied, I would run a test email campaign with myself. I created a test folder and copied the global Behavior Lead Scoring program (suitcase icon) into it (do I even have to do that since it’s at a global level?). I sent myself the test email with 4 different links in it. Each linked was valued at +5 in my global Behavior Lead Scoring program. And +1 for Opening the email. So theoretically, if I opened the email and clicked on all the links, I would see a 21 increase in my score. I received the email and every time I took an action, I waited a few minutes, and checked my lead score to see how much it increased, but the numbers weren’t correlating to the values I assigned the action in my global Behavior Lead Scoring program. Any thoughts?