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Marketo RTP x Google Adwords - Audience settings

Question asked by bd4be54ea6a3d2e298be59f76e9d2b7089886409 on Nov 21, 2016
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Hi all,


I am working on retargeting using Marketo RTP data with Google Adwords,

and I have a couple of questions regarding how the connection works.


1) Once Google Adwords reads an audience from Google Analytics, is it dynamic (i.e. does it change automatically as more users get segmented),

or does it require a manual update?


2) How can I prioritize one advertisement over another if the user belongs to two segments?


I know for a fact (having tested it myself) that if a user belongs to an RTP segment, and then their behaviour triggers another RTP segment,

Google Analytics will count that user in its data for both segments.


In this case, I'd like to ensure that the last segmentation takes priority when implementing retargeting.

Does Google Adwords allow the prioritization of adverts if the user belongs to two audiences? (Like the priority score for campaigns in Marketo RTP)

Or is there another way I can implement this?


Perhaps these questions are more linked to Google Adwords, but if anyone can help out it would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,