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Flow Steps To Manage Opened/Unopened Emails

Question asked by e00344ad1dbedfae66576f2635341f38ef4ceb8a on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by e00344ad1dbedfae66576f2635341f38ef4ceb8a

Below is the flow we’d like people to go through. People can go through the flow every time.





Attached is the flow as it stands right now (the wait steps are so short for testing purposes only - they will be extended out to be 5 days when it's live).


At first we tried steps 5 & 7 looking at people that had “opened email” and smart lists for people that hadn’t opened emails but that seemed to be good for the first time through the flow only.


We then moved to smart lists looking for people that have been sent an email and if they have opened that email or not (within a specific timeframe - the length of the wait step prior). But that also didn’t provide predictable results.


We would appreciate any advice on the best practice for this particular situation.