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Can Marketo recognize redirects and aliases?

Question asked by f15cbc063e5e03c0a4b425dcf1573bc20e624a61 on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by f15cbc063e5e03c0a4b425dcf1573bc20e624a61

We will soon be migrating to a newly redesigned site, with some pages being relocated to new locations on the new site. The new site will also be using a new web content management system. For pages that will get a new URL, we will create redirects from the old URLs to the new, but I'm wondering:


Is Marketo is smart enough to recognize an alias or a redirect as a trackable page? Will Marketo follow the redirect or just see it as an error?   Are we at risk of losing data if we miss some lists and/or URLs?


An example of URLs in Marketo Smart Lists:


Some "key web pages" are set in a SmartList  to change the lead score for leads in the system who visit the pages defined in the SmartList.




PS:  The munchkin code is on every page of the current site, and the plan is for it to be on all pages of the new site. We are not change our overall domain, but some pages will be move to a new location and get a new URL.