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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Strategy

Question asked by 729b7c92b9e7c891da967ad7441eaf4a963e227d on Nov 18, 2016
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Let's say I am late to the Black Friday Campaigning. Very Late as in I would have liked to have primed the client weeks ago leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Now I am scrambling. I have 4 prepped and I am looking for a sequence strategy.

Is any of this logical?


  1. Tuesday message "Offer lasts all week ends Midnight Black Friday"
  2. Wednesday message "Get Black Friday savings today and ends Midnight Friday"
  3. Friday message "Best price is today........... PS We have decided to extend the offer to Cyber Monday"
  4. Sunday message "Cyber Monday is tomorrow. The deal ends end of the day tomorrow"

Thoughts? Suggestions?