Big Marketo, Pt. 1

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Hi All -


Since I'm restricted to writing blogs in the Chicago User Group I wanted to share my latest with everyone.  I'm starting a series called Big Marketo, which is focused on how we at GE use Marketo. I work for GE Healthcare and am one of 4 global admins responsible for a Marketo instance that has 160+ users and growing on almost every continent, country, region, etc.  We're actually 14 businesses with dozens of sub-businesses all trying to standardize.


My first installment is on User Roles and Responsibilities and is based on work I did in creating roles for GE Healthcare globally to reduce 10+ different roles into 4 (+2) significant roles into which we can classify all levels of Marketo users.


Future installments of Big Marketo will talk about centralization, program templates, workspace and partition usage and other topics of interest that you either ask me to discuss or I write up based on how we Marketo.


Please take a read if this is something you'd find interesting as its scalable from small and medium companies up.


Big Marketo pt 1: User Roles for large user bases