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Options to get Merge ID on API Call

Question asked by b4b37f34d0e888a8c9bb6a3098b5385534a529e4 on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by 4426e9a591e1598bff7949e476cb0bede0a910a8

We're running up against a problem when we try to update leads in Marketo from an outside api because some of the leads have been automatically merged due to the munchkin and the initial Lead ID is no longer active.  The Lead ID we're trying to update is now a Merge ID.   This prevents us from updating the lead and is causing errors in reporting, segmentation, etc.  


We call into the Lead ID instead of an email address, because in our product platform (the source of the api call) can be used by multiple accounts / usernames with the same email address.  Why?  Well, because many times a head of household or caretaker will be taking action for multiple family members under the same email address.


Basically, we need an api call where after an error, we supply the merge id and we get back the lead id from Marketo.


We've been given a "sort of" fix that uses a paging token, but it's not a programatic fix and at best would take a huge batch run each evening.


Has anyone run into a similiar issue or know of a way to get the merge ID from Marketo?