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{{trigger.Subject}} does not seem to work dynamically

Question asked by c319f9e3ae7604780e8c1140ebc5c851b1ce8719 on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by c319f9e3ae7604780e8c1140ebc5c851b1ce8719

Trying this token for the first time and I'm trying to collect an interesting moment in an alert email, for a clicked link, on a dynamic email.


Everything else seems to be working correctly except this token {{trigger.Subject}}. It seems it is only populating the default subject line and not the subject line the person actually got when it was dynamically populated. I double checked the email and it in fact has a different subject line from the default and I know the email version they got was correct because of the links they are clicking on.


Does not work with dynamic subjects? Am I using it wrong?


Any help is appreciated.