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Acquisition Program not being recorded?

Question asked by d616ab8d44dd6cf5de948396b223ba89a4ac1e5e on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by d616ab8d44dd6cf5de948396b223ba89a4ac1e5e

hey guys,


i created a smart list with the purpose of showing me all new names we've had in Marketo for the past 4 months. With the date filter on, I didn't get any results. When I removed the date filter, I was able to see that the last new name we've gotten according to Marketo was in February 2016, which is clearly not right.


Any reason why acquisition program isn't being correctly identified when a new name enters our database?


also, what's the best way to find out how many net-new names have entered MKTO in the past 4 months from only certain programs?