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Lead owner is changing even though a  rule is in place saying to not change if the lead owner is not empty

Question asked by 728c1c99bb88e6ab2f7af53a9c71c8d3c1d496ee on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by 728c1c99bb88e6ab2f7af53a9c71c8d3c1d496ee

I recently updated our "Sync Lead to SFDC" flow step to function as so: (Choice 1) If: Lead Owner is empty, Assign to "JOHN DOE"; (Default Choice) Assign To: Do Nothing.


I am already in our Marketo and SFDC system, with a Lead Owner that is different from JOHN DOE. However, when I filled out the form that is tied to the flow step to test it, it switched the lead owner to JOHN DOE. My coworker, who is also in both systems, filled out the form as well, but his lead owner was not updated. The only thing we can find to be causing this issue is that he is a Lead in SF while I am a contact in SF.


I reviewed my Activty Log in Mkto and when I clicked in to the lead owner switch, it gave me this info:  Synched from - fixup Lead Owner


Does anyone have any ideas as to why the lead owner for contacts will be updated even with the rule stated above in place?