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Can we create our own personalized CRM connector?

Question asked by 9db820bc211bd47a7a2c1963d7d2dea4abdfe900 on Nov 16, 2016
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We are currently using PEGA Systems as a CRM, and of course there is no connector already available to use.

One of the main issues we have is that Marketo is not yet synchronized with the CRM, and leads are being inserted in PEGA through excel files.

So what we are targeting, is a full integration between Marketo and PEGA, on Leads, Contacts, Accounts & Campaigns.


Can we develop our own Connector and use it with Marketo to connect both platforms?

Or should we use normal integration without really a "connector" that we can control from Marketo? We will be using Talend as middle-ware for the integration.


Also i have one more question that might be odd but just to make sure. Can we do this integration "In-House" between Marketo and our CRM, or do we have to work with a Marketo Partner?