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extending content in engagement programs

Question asked by 30a875b5aaf4221010a523ec78cf3526c4829831 on Nov 17, 2016
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hi community,


I am currently looking at options to extend our engagement content for people that have not reacted to our emails.

The idea is that if Email A was not opened, then resend it with a different subject line and potentially try again a third time with another subject line.

This way we could extend the engagement quite a bit over time.


Whats the best way of doing this ?


I know i can add Email prorams into the engagement stream.

What happens if i add an email program to the stream that contains these conditions e.g send email A, wait 7 days, send email B if email A is not opened, wait 7 days, send Email C if Emali a & B were not opened.


Will the next cadence only hit once the flow of the program is complete ?


Hope my explanations make sense.