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Tracking link clicks

Question asked by 065910b6518105134b22149d5f2686722e2b85a8 on Nov 15, 2016
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I am trying to create a link click report in Marketo & SFDC based on an landing page that, once filled out, triggers a confirmation email send that included 4 different links. We used 4 different webhooks for the links in the email send. I setup SFDC campaigns for each of the 4 links I'd like to track, as well as individual smart campaigns in Marketo to sync to each SFDC campaign. We sent the email 7 days ago, so I'm trying to retroactively collect the link clicks. I'm using the trigger "clicks link in email", and using the "email is" and "link contains" and "date of activity" conditions. It's been about an hour since I set everything up and so far I only see 1 link click that happened today. However, I do see that over 400 people have completed the form and clicked a link based on the smart campaign I setup for the confirmation email send...My concern is that it's not pulling in the link clicks from 11/7/16 to now. I think I saw something on the community that link clicks are collected only once daily in is it fair to say that when I log in tomorrow all of the data should be populated? Do we know what time of day Marketo syncs link clicks? Is there a better way to set this up?