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Suggestions needed for personalized newsletters

Question asked by 89f22710154ecc7796119c17ed654a6073ad7274 Champion on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by 89f22710154ecc7796119c17ed654a6073ad7274

I have one small product line that has highly complex needs. 


Long story short, I need suggestions for tools to create personalized newsletters with content based on product, product version, region, etc. This is for one small product line out of a very large portfolio of products so I don't think I can solve with with segmentations. 


Right now the product representatives are fighting me because they want to be able to send 3+ emails per day and more than 5 per week to the same people because they don't know how to combine their messages and personalize the communication and Marketo is very primitive in terms of being able to store and manage content and build dynamic assets.


I want to use Marketo to send out the emails since all of the data is stored there and I don't want to support a separate MA tool with data feeds.