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Tokens & Lists (Conditional Logic)

Question asked by 37b6f732ed7e0913adffa9fa0736c44ef22201ea on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

Marketo nation;  I am in need of help on email creation and variable/conditional token logic.  I have an email requirement that must allow for the following:


One of the following two options must be met in the content of the email body:


Option A: "My family has the following pets:  Dog, cat, fish, and lizard"


Option B: "My family has the following pets:



The problem however, is that there could be anywhere from 1-13 pets listed in this business case.  For example, leadA may have 3 pets, leadB may have 9 pets.  We've never been asked to build this level of "token-ization" in Marketo, nor do I know if it's possible.  In option A, we'd have no idea how to dynamically insert the "," value or the "and" value before the last variable.  Meanwhile, in option B, we' have no idea how to eliminate the line breaks if there are fewer than 9 pets.


Has anyone ever had to do this?  Essentially, we're sending an email to our customers letting them know which products they've signed up for. We're open to any/all ideas the nation may have.  Thanks in advance.