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How are you handling the gap b/w event time and processing time?

Question asked by 55cda0e2b017bb90f1cfc73982d24c4d83da9a6a on Nov 15, 2016
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we have a series of campaigns that are triggered based on a combination of events. For instance:

- has filled out form + previously clicked on email sent -> is engaged from MY campaign

- has visited TY page A + previously filled out form -> has download product A

- has filled out form + has been created within last 10 minutes + is acquired by web program (= MKTO automatically attributes by default to the hosting program regardless of the source) -> reattribute to the right program that has created lead


The issue that I'm encountering is that Marketo doesn't always process the events based on event time. Some activities (e.g. filled out forms) are recorded faster than others which is impacting the trigger campaigns.


As a result I have to run in parallel some batch campaigns to tag leads that have been missed. But this cannot work for all use cases. Are you encountering same issue? How do you proceed?