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Preventing a Form from Overwriting Recent Record

Question asked by 92f0714dd99b4597a45a540078365f9d3078f9fc on Nov 14, 2016
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So I was trying to set-up a form for our Channel team to use to gauge 'pre-pipeline' one of the constraints they requested was that the form should not require an email address, at a bare minimum it should capture partner information and also Channel rep details. I'm running into trouble and curious if anyone has addressed this in the past. I believe the browser cookie is resulting in the previous record continuing to be updated vs. creating a brand new record for subsequent form fills so company names continue to be overwritten as the form is refilled. I've prevented pre-fill data in the forms so looking for any tips on how to prevent this from occurring. Does anyone know how to force the form to create a new record on each fill?