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Is it possible to clone a program but not its static list's members?

Question asked by 55cda0e2b017bb90f1cfc73982d24c4d83da9a6a on Nov 14, 2016
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it's often easier and faster to clone a program in use than to clone the generic template because of customized filters, tokens, etc. However if I clone a program that contains a static list, then all the list members are also cloned in my new program. I have then 2 choices : either I delete the list (but that means cleasing all filters that contain the list name) or I can empty the list. I almost always do the later.


But I'm encountering 2 issues:

- I sometime forgot to check if list contains members and to remove them so this can ***** my reporting if I don't notice this fast enough

- if I have a report on "was added to list", the members that have been cloned are still counted (even if I have removed them from the list)


So my question is: how do you proceed? Are you experiencing the same issue? Do you have a work-around?