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Inferred company only showing ISPs

Question asked by a432426dab2eeed484769b21b5a0eae6ff36b4f9 on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by a432426dab2eeed484769b21b5a0eae6ff36b4f9


Our company is based in Germany and the "Inferred Company" from the Leads data doesn´t work apparently. We only see the ISPs in there, which is a big bummer as we expected to also get this data from Marketo. The same for the Inferred City since it also takes the info from where the ISP is located.

I know there are other service providers who offer this in Germany and looks like it works correctly for them. I don´t know specifically how it works or where the limitations are for Marketo to also get this information. Does anyone know about that?

I read from others here that it seems to work well for them, i wonder if that is also the case for others in Germany or Europe.


We don´t use RTP currently, but want to sign up for this in the future - i guess the situation would be the same and that we wouldn´t get as much lead data as we imagine, in order to use RTP successfully (i mean for instance having personalized content for anonymous leads). Am i right in this assumption?

Thanks for any input!