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Reporting on email campaigns beyond open/click rates, etc.

Question asked by 357c9ab0415f6d8befe46cf40f36321d693f67b6 on Nov 11, 2016
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Hi everyone!


Over the past year since I started using Marketo I've been sporadically creating Smart Lists in my Lead Database to track how many recipients of an email campaign did the following after opening our email: Became an MQL, signed up for our free trial, signed up for a demo with us, or became and Opportunity. Here's an example of the Smart Lists I created to analyze a campaign we did in September:


Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 8.55.13 AM.png


Here's an example of the Smart List I built to see how many people opened our September 2016 hot topic email and then signed up for our free trial afterward:


Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 8.55.42 AM.png


Although this method works, it's pretty cumbersome to do this every time we have a new campaign and it's hard to compare multiple campaigns to see which type of campaigns are leading to more sign ups, etc. I'd love to have some kind of report where I can compare all of our campaigns side by side based on the metrics I listed above. Do any of you have a good way of doing this inside or outside of Marketo?




- Jamie