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Why are their constraints available in the smart list area but not in the flow (when selecting choice)??!!

Question asked by c49d7d118b591928d787d900344d47aa8ec6fc62 on Nov 10, 2016

It seems strange that we have constraint options available in the smart list and not in the flow.  The lack of it creates more work when ideally I could do everything in one flow if I wanted.  I know other product ideas are out there in the community about complex choices in the flow.  But even leaving the flow as it stands, but adding the constraints would help us. 



ie. After wait step we are needing to re-evaluate if they have been sent an email in the past 1 day, if so, do nothing.


Currently you can not do this because you can just select Choice > not was sent any email (but can't contain to in past 1 day) ie. if it was 2 days ago it ok to send.


This is a basic example, but having constraints available to all the same attributes that have them in the smart list would be helpful!  Please vote this idea up if you agree: Add "Constraints" to Choice (in flow step)