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Hybrid nurture w/ engagement programs and traffic cop?

Question asked by 228d9bb90ed6210b22556797077aeefeb94fdc15 on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by josh.hill

We're currently in the planning stages for a fairly sophisticated set of nurture programs that are aimed at highly personalizing engagement across:


Multiple feature capabilities (going beyond "product" messaging)

Multiple personas

Multiple levels of engagement (going beyond just "education" and "consideration")


The chief problem we have with engagement programs is that the triggers that determine what leads qualify are working in a silo (smart lists in the transition rules), and it takes a lot of out-of-Marketo flowcharting to coordinate how they interact. The chief advantage of the older traffic cop/gatekeeper approach was that you had a central program into which you could direct a lead and have it go through a sieve of a consolidated analysis to determine, in priority, which track it belonged in. I find comparing the transition rules across multiple engagement tracks much harder to "read" and follow than the single old traffic cop program.


I get all the advantages of the engagement programs vis-a-vis setup, cadence control, reporting, etc., and we don't have any plans to abandon that. But over the years I've seen leads not get nurtured because the coordination between engagement streams was not tightly planned, and a lot of that had to do with visualization of how they interact. So some questions:


- Can anyone point me to a best-practice article or blog on how to make sure multiple engagement programs are well coordinated and "leak proof"; in particular, best practices for planning interaction among transition rules in multiple programs; flowcharting tools or some secret Marketo feature?

- Alternatively, has anyone had experience using a hybrid system where a traffic-cop-type program is in charge of listening for nurturable triggers and directing the lead in the right priority to the right engagement program?

- Or even more alternatively, consolidating all your nurtures (however disparate in terms of content, persona, stage) into a single engagement track with a ginormous number of streams.

- Or ... what are we missing?


This is going to be a significant undertaking, so we're hoping to get the benefit of some of colleagues' insights into complex engagement models.