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tokenize mktEditable sections?

Question asked by d89f64cd7754e9b28f8bc4ec66661dfbfda992ec on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by 40284ab4623f8871fa59831593cbe291b8384c5c

So, a basic question, and maybe not doable, but if I have a section in a landing page template like this...


<div class="mktEditable bodyText content" id="content-title">Page Title Text</div>


And...because I keep forgetting to edit the metatags on a landing page... I was hoping there's someway to take whatever has been added in a specific editable region, and make that also be the page's metatag title. Maybe there's another way?


I know I could make a "title" token that gets used in both spots (metatag and mktEditable region). But users would then be editing regions in two different ways -- adding confusion and inefficiency.