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Wildcard Redirect/Custom PURLs/URL Builder for custom URLs?

Question asked by 59ad505a0182655d4025a54f598626a5b5877516 Champion on Nov 8, 2016
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I'm looking into building a system that would dynamically build landing pages as needed for n amount of records in groups--but I want to make each page look as though it was specifically created just for that group. The page would essentially just be one landing page that changes over and over.


The URL structure would be similar to{{some fruit}}.html


At the end of the day, I don't care what gets populated in {{some fruit}} so long as it takes them to the original Fruits.html. There's no need to guard against specific values or even null values. If I were using a traditional web server, this would be pretty easily solved with a wildcard redirect, but I don't have that option since this uses Marketo LPs. Using manual redirects is not scalable as n will likely balloon into the hundreds.


I thought about using the URL Builder for this, but it looks like dynamically populated hidden fields won't make this work; likewise, if I were to use PURLs they'd be name-specific, not group-specific. Is there any recourse here or must you make separate pages with separate URLs?>