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Prospective Customers - Automated Email Program | Mixing marketing emails with sales directed emails

Question asked by 30b4923c043db027c4850dea55ef843f23ef6228 on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by 57fcfb2b2489881692f80657534e34f5e3e445dc

We have experienced our highest open rates when the email is sent directly from a person - obviously. Currently our prospective customers email program consists of 7+ HTML emails sent from a marketing email address of sorts. I would like to incorporate a text only email, that is customized from the internal sales rep of that account in hopes that we can email a larger audience and have the email sound customized. However, our lead gean team currently already send emails independent of the prospecting campaign. They all have smaller campaigns in SFDC they are nurturing independently. If they are successfully emailing and getting results independent from marketing - I don't want to upset that flow.


  • What suggestions does the community have on this?
  • Do you separate the two?
  • Are any of you combining these two approaches in the same strategy?
  • Where is the line in the sand?


Interested in everyone's thoughts!