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Is anyone else experiencing Marketo/SFDC sync issues lately?

Question asked by db10a78791103b443724d542ce41157e4706aeb8 on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by db10a78791103b443724d542ce41157e4706aeb8

Hi All,


Just trying to gather if it is our instance or if others were experiencing Marketo/SFDC sync issues lately? 


For example, when a Salesforce Contact fills out a web form with Address fields (Country, State, and Postal Code fields), the address fields will be populated/updated inside of Marketo but the changes do not sync into Salesforce whereas the other forms fields do.  However, when the address fields inside of Salesforce are changed/updated by a Salesforce User the changes sync into Marketo. 


Also, is anyone's smart campaign smart list triggers not working for newly created custom fields?