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Multiple versions of Munchkin found on our pages - are others seeing this?

Question asked by dan.stevens Champion on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

We've noticed an inconsistency of Marketo being able to track known click behavior on our site recently (and is contributing to the inability of our trigger campaigns from firing).  When running the debugger in Firefox, we noticed two instances/versions of Munchkin present:



When clicking on the first one, we get Munchkin version 151 r601:



And the second one, we get Munchkin version prod r619:



We serve up Munchkin on all of our pages using Google Tag Manager (GTM).  We understand some of the downsides with this from an accuracy perspective.  But believe this is something else.  When looking at our GTM console, we only see this script firing:


We've also confirmed in the GTM debugger that only 3 scripts are firing on our pages (Munchkin, GA, and DemandBase).


If any of you are also using GTM to serve up Munchkin on your pages, can you check to see if you're experiencing two instances of Munchkin on your site?