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Issue with a trigger campaign in Marketo?

Question asked by c55ff379f5f3304ddea22757fbb22beb82593ae8 on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by c55ff379f5f3304ddea22757fbb22beb82593ae8

Hi there,


We're having a few issues with our trigger campaign for our gated white papers.


Currently the program is set up that:

1) Someone fills out a form on our website to get access to our white paper

2) When a form has been filled out, the program status is changed to fills-out form and we are notified via email

3) We manually go in to approve the person

4) Once they've been approved, a trigger campaign is set up such that when the program status is changed to approved from filled-out form, an email is sent to with the white paper to the person who requested it


The issue we're currently having is that when a pre-approved person goes in to fill out the form again, we'd expect them to automatically receive the email as they're already approved. However, the person does not get the content of the email. When I go into the program and click on the pre-approved member and approve them, it gives a notification saying that "cannot change to a previous status".


Any ideas on how I can fix this issue?