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Calendar file for 'all day' event

Question asked by f408886e8f55a5d4824ffdb65ec1d5aaff67ad6f on Nov 4, 2016

I am running a program in two world regions. I want to be able to have a calendar file that works for both regions, i.e. a calendar file for Dec 1 'all day.' this would make it possible for registrants in Australia to download the calendar invite for Dec 1 and have it show up for them the same way it would show up for Americans. I have looked into third party calendar file link generators, but none of them had the 'all day' option. Would love any insight. The reason I need this is I am running an on-demand webinar day that opens 7 am all time zones - so technically the content is available at 2 pm MT and 7 am AEST.


Thanks for any direction!