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Marketo not pulling WebEx event URL correctly

Question asked by c24b768c13e3794bb7d5b880aa2b8b3bb855dc50 on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by c24b768c13e3794bb7d5b880aa2b8b3bb855dc50

I connected our WebEx event with Marketo to promote our upcoming webinar.  Plan was to have Marketo host the registration landing page, form, and autoresponder emails. However, Marketo is not pulling in the correct WebEx event url when you register for the event.


Case 1 - I register using WebEx registration page. I get a confirmation email right away with the URL to join the webinar


Case 2 - I register using Marketo landing page that is connected with the same WebEx event. I'm also using a Marketo confirmation email. The email has this link via the webinar token: This directed me the Marketo landing page to register instead of the WebEx event page. Also the URL is WRONG.


Case 3 - I turned off the Marketo conf email and turned on the autoresponder email within WebEx thinking we can at least send the right link via WebEx email. But this doesn't work either. If I registered via the Marketo landing page, WebEx didn't send the conf email even though the registrant is recorded in WebEx. Does Marketo over rule WebEx automated emails?


Anyone have similar issues?  Or tell me how I can send WebEx emails while using Marketo landing page to register people?