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Marketo Certified Expert Exam - did it recently change?

Question asked by 899e7654846abed1d08b3e98cfff32ab9447a1a9 on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by 31c49a9e92cfdfc36ec09f16a3d031bc05f44a62

I just took my certified expert exam and was surprised when instead of 150 questions there were 98.  And many questions were not included in the practice exam(s) I took over the weekend.  Where my practice exams left me with a score of 94%+ I failed the exam I just took.


Has the exam changed recently? 

I would hope that a practice exam(s) would be available to include some of the new question types that appeared on the exam I just took that were not on the practice exam(s).


Please advise.  Thank you