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Lead Scoring: Firmagraphic vs Engagement scores

Question asked by 001a09f546853bc950093e63c7c040892e9e8401 on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by 2f28f3514aacce0fc133b9bd34c94a6790c9e1b4

As we know, Total Lead Score = Firmagraphic Score + Engagement score


Here's a situation:



Scenario 1: High Firmagraphic Lead Score

Scenario 2: High Engagement Lead Score

While the TOTAL Lead Score is less in Scenario 2, it still shows high level of engagement.

Can we partition/categorize lists based on Firmagraphic and Engagement scores separately because total lead score could be misleading. This way one would not "sideline" even a lesser lead score (as in Scenario 2)


I want to discuss how we can create a LEAD SCORING MODEL that takes both these scenarios into account