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Connect drop-down menu choices to dynamic content on LP?

Question asked by 3a9cab6fee9d0f31a3bc4e2b5483f703319542b5 on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by 3a9cab6fee9d0f31a3bc4e2b5483f703319542b5

What we want to do:

On a Marketo Landing page we would like to build a contact section, but the tricky part is that it is for a lot of countries (world wide, or divided EU / APAC / US, still many countries). So what we were thinking:


On the top/or the side of the section to have a drop-down-menu with all the countries to chose from.

When you select your country the contact details for that specific country will appear. When choosing another country – the details for this country will appear and so on. (Dynamic content connected to the drop down menu).


Is this something that is possible to do on a Marketo landing page, and if so, how can this be build it up?

Something like the attached picture (but nice looking of course)