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Email campaigns: Best practices for "Reply To" field and managing auto-replies

Question asked by 95eb4b6008268e18da8780727204e32d02dfbc64 on Oct 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by 95eb4b6008268e18da8780727204e32d02dfbc64

Hi - does anyone have a best practice for "reply to" field? Currently, since we don't have one person dedicated to marketing ops, I have our marketing alias as the "reply to" field, but problem is that each one of us gets auto-replies. Beside this clogging up all of our mailboxes, it also begs the question of who should update contact fields.


Ideally, was thinking that I should create an ops alias for these to flow to, and assign one person handle the flow and update in SFDC (assuming that is the single source of truth). But having multiple owners on both our MAP and CRM is proving a bit tricky.


The other question is, what if we want contacts to reply directly to the lead owner,  but don't want all of the autoreplies going to him or her? For example, we want to send emails from one of our sales reps, and give recipients the option to reply to that sales rep, but don't want them to have the inconvenience of all the bounce backs etc.


Thanks for your guidance/suggestions.