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Workspaces/Lead Partitions/Database Fields - Please tell me there's an answer

Question asked by 2860d9dd485940e52d5ac858393215b572638a12 on Oct 31, 2016
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Marketo nation:

I am facing an interesting challenge:  My company just purchased a new instance of Marketo - with workspaces.

Our business need:  We need to be able to send communications on behalf of several different clients of ours (the emails are sent to their, our clients' clients).

Initially, it sounded like workspaces and partitions were the answer to our business need.  However, after reading some articles and speaking with Marketo, I've learned that a person (aka email address) cannot exist in multiple database partitions. 

  1. Does anyone have a workaround for this, or an answer to this issue?  Each of our clients may in fact have very legitimate reason(s) to require communication with a person - they could ultimately be selling to the same person.
  2. Does anyone know, when working with partitions/ the actual database and database fields global? Meaning, are my fields unique to partitions or are they global across the entire database?  I understand the actual data values can only be viewed/worked with by the individual partitions to which they are assigned, but can the data fields be "seen" by other partitions?


Is anyone leveraging Marketo in a similar manner, whereby you are sending emails to clients'/clients'?