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What happens to exhausted leads when new content is added?

Question asked by 5e52c5748a458efe5417f309bedd243097e792b4 on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by dan.stevens

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to figure out best practices for managing my exhausted leads.


In my engagement program, I have stream 1 set up. When the leads go through all content, they become exhausted. But what happens if I add more content to the stream? Do they get sent the new content during the next cast? Does it matter the order of the new content?


The reason is: I would like to keep adding content to my stream 1 without having to move exhausted leads away from the stream until they have progressed to my next stream via transition rules. I would like them to continually receive content in stream 1 as I continue to add it.


One more question -

If I have a lead who is on their fourth email cast and I add a piece to the top (1st cast) - when the lead finishes the stream towards the bottom cast, would they loop back to the top to receive the new piece of content that they missed? Or would they become exhausted and never see the new piece I added?


Thanks for your help!