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Event Registration Cap

Question asked by a51bff9faa5508200e00b04a1d52e534ba3697c9 on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by a51bff9faa5508200e00b04a1d52e534ba3697c9

Has anyone figured out a good way to stop registration once the maximum attendance has been met? Ex: I have a live event with a morning and afternoon session. Each session has 15 spots open. If the morning session fills up with all 15, but the afternoon has not, I'd like for it to show the morning session as "Full" or grayed out - something to prevent a 16th person from registering for the morning session.


The most recent discussion I found on this was late 2015 where someone suggested using a webhook and a REST API. Is this still the best way to do it, or is there a better/easier way now through Marketo?


Thanks in advance for any help!