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How to find a count for web page visits for an engagement program

Question asked by ceab46a4899bd093225c11a2d541dcb8295ecf89 on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by a14ce21a7da20372c2e9f713c080102567c46c37

New to Marketo here. I have an engagement program going and I am trying to determine all page visits for all known users in the program. When I run the report, I get the normal list of names, etc. Then I can drill down into each name and see how many times they visited a particular page that was used in the engagement program. But, is there an easy way to aggregate all visits by all members of the engagement program and see the total? I am just trying to see how much traffic was driven by the call to action link in the email. I am already running a smart on list on member of engagement program + visited web page.