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Visits webpage but does not fill out Gravity Form

Question asked by 6b23d1e202ff676e96bf141ce62513e652cc4423 on Oct 26, 2016
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Hi all,

This is probably going to sound really over complicated and I'm now worried I am over thinking! Any guidance will be much appreciated!


Just trying to work out the flow steps for this:


FYI: We are using Gravity forms in wordpress and not Marketo forms.


We want people to click on CTAs in an email and then go on to fill out a form and download our material.

If they do not fill out a form, I want to send a trigger email to a Sales Person to let them know their lead/opportunity has shown an interest in our resources and taken no action (more just for their benefit)

On our website if you fill out a form, you get a different URL after form fill.


My current setup is:

*Clicks Link In Email (with CTA)

*Does Not Visit Webpage (With Completion URL)


Will this work? Do I need to stagger this trigger out - is it possible to say like, 5 mins after click, and no fill out, the trigger sends?


Currently Marketo forms are not an option