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Incomplete Export Downloads?

Question asked by 44fd70dbab3aa0e4c6f496d0cfa8e456667eb3fd Champion on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by 57fcfb2b2489881692f80657534e34f5e3e445dc

Hey Community, I have a strange question... When I export large lists, I find that when I click "Download Now", I can get lists of varying sizes when I download. For example, I just downloaded a smart list export that should have had 59,000 records, but only 40k appeared (cut off at exactly 40,000). The file size during download showed as being 123mb. When I closed that Excel and clicked the Download Now button again (same export, just clicked a second time about 30 seconds later), it downloaded a file that was 203mb and contained all 59098 rows/records. I also have seen this on previous exports/downloads.


Has anyone else experienced this, and have any idea why it happens? It's just very strange behavior, and would be great if the download would actually contain all of the rows. Yes, Marketo, I really do want all of the rows that I exported....