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Program Tokens & Rest API's Create / Delete Token

Question asked by fe6ea9353ac00189ef67feb769e5170152847026 on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by fe6ea9353ac00189ef67feb769e5170152847026

Question. When I create a new program, I select from one of the following types:


  • Default
  • Engagement
  • Email
  • Event


Are these programs "folders" in the context of the API?


I'm trying to run a script outside Marketo that will create or delete a token within a specific program and want to know whether the four digit number ( associated with the program, the one that's represented by the {{}} token, is the same one represented by {id} in the following operations associated with creating or deleting tokens:


  • /rest/asset/v1/folder/{id}/tokens.json (See here.)
  • /rest/asset/v1/folder/{id}/tokens/delete.json (See here.)


I'm trying to create or delete tokens based on a series of conditions evaluated outside Marketo.