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Differentiate data value change triggered by contact vs. Marketo user/flow

Question asked by 38a1b3df0ce47be62a6fa6960476f077fffec0df on Oct 25, 2016
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Hi, we are refining our double opt-in flow for a specific country (Germany in this case). We have two separate flows: one that should be triggered by the contact actively changing the data (eg, form submit) and another for when the change is initiated on our side (smart campaign, sync, import, etc).  My question is how can we best distinguish these two scenarios, given that data value change trigger has limited constraints.


For purposes of this discussion, let’s assume the double opt-in flows work fine, and it’s just the triggers that matter. In fact, a solution to this problem would have applications beyond double opt-in.


Triggers: Lead Created and Data Value Change (country)

*If you'd like the specific use cases for these triggers, I'm happy to provide, but may be unnecessary.


The lead created trigger is simple to implement since the constraint allows source type. To distinguish a record creation initiated by the contact vs. one by a Marketo user/flow, one trigger listens for lead created via "web form fillout," and the other “not: web form fillout.”


However, data value change does not allow the source type constraint – only source, which is too specific for our fields and workspace setup. Has anyone come across this issue, be it for double opt-in or some other scenario? How have you approached the problem? Is there another filter you would recommend when listening for updates to the country field?


The few workarounds we’ve considered are pretty inelegant and leave room for error (see below). Would welcome any of your thoughts and suggestions. Many thanks!!


Clunky/problematic workarounds
Option 1: data value change w/ “reason” constraint



  • Note: Above listens for changes initiated by the contact. We would invert this logic for changes made by a Marketo user/flow-- eg., reason "not starts with: form"; lead created source type "is not: web form fillout"
  • Is the reason constraint reliable? I could only test against the leads in our database – maybe someone from the community has already tested this field over time and had stable results (?)


Option 2: Data value change with filled out form in past 5 minutes



  • Note: even more clunky / inelegant
  • Same idea as above with inverting logic to capture changes by Marketo user/flow