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How to update "Source"

Question asked by abf3599aa3ffbdff022d2c8fa778b6f7e3348362 on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by abf3599aa3ffbdff022d2c8fa778b6f7e3348362

In SFDC we set up a Lead and Contact Lead Source fields that maps to "Source" in MK.  However, when i attempt to update this field in MK so to update SFDC the attribute is not available in the list to be able to update.  I do not have this field blocked from updates either.  I was able to update the field from SFDC > MK so there is a value in the field, but it does not look like it is available to be updated via flow step.


If i choose to update Lead Source it does not flow from Marketo > SFDC as that field looks like it is for SFDC opportunity creation only, which we will not be using Marketo for this function.


What am i missing here?