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Routing Leads to Sales

Question asked by ef21a0087529839afb8e461975be4167a52a0434 on Oct 26, 2016
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I am interested in gathering the community's feedback on how they handle the routing of leads to their sales teams.


We have a marketing qualified revenue stage that listens for leads who reach a lead score threshold and then based on certain parameters are routed to the appropriate sales team member.


My question is more around the leads that are sent to sales without going through the 'system process'.  For example: leads are acquired at a marketing supported tradeshow that stop by the booth, upon conclusion of the tradeshow, our team will share those leads with sales before they are tagged as marketing qualified in our system.


Would these leads be considered marketing qualified as well?  To me they were acquired by marketing but not influenced enough to reach the lead score threshold to have their lead status flip to marketing qualified.


I have been asked to define this process and would appreciate any input.


Thank you!