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Smartlist strategy

Question asked by 9940b05c1e8350ce65fe0924bdd29c751071ef59 on Oct 21, 2016
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Hi All,


I'm working on a "list strategy" for a large company, and wondering if there are some best practises out there for what list are needed?


I was thinking about the general list with some of the lists mentioned below:


- Subscripers.

- Unsubscripers

- Leads

- Prospects

- Customers

- Invalid customer data 


But I would also like to have persona list that we can use in each step of the funnel, fx.


Persona A - TOFO stage

Persona A - MOFO stage

Persona A - BOFO stage


Do any of you guys have some smartlist best practise, regarding what list but also the naming and folder structure, that I experience is very important when working with Marketo.


Hope you can help


P.S. I also assume that these list should "live" in the lead database, please correct me if I'm wrong.