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Unable to view trigger campaigns that get automatically deactivated

Question asked by dan.stevens Champion on Oct 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by e18884f7250b7bd5dad964d47eea757234c14745

I'm wondering if this is a widespread issue - or something that's just not working in our instance. We had this issue last quarter.  When the trigger cleanup completed, we were unable to view the affected campaigns.  It's important that we're able to review these each time, since we always find many that shouldn't have been deactivated; and we need to reactivate them. We have a very complex environment (23 workspaces), so we rely on this report.   We were specifically told the following by support/engineering back in July:


“The data fix has been executed, but we are unable to pull in the old data. The situation is different than we thought, being that the history about the campaigns are lost. So we can not fix the past data.


This is caused by a regression when we developed another project. While the root cause is already fixed and patched to production, and the next notification will work fine, we will not be able to provide the past data.”


Then today, we receive the notification that 632 campaigns have been deactivated:


When going into the Notifications area of our instance and clicking on the link to view the deactivated campaigns, we see this once again:


Is this affecting any of you?