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Sync Web Page Programs to SFDC?

Question asked by abf3599aa3ffbdff022d2c8fa778b6f7e3348362 on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by abf3599aa3ffbdff022d2c8fa778b6f7e3348362

Hello all,


I have tried searching the community, but i am not having much luck.  We are migrating to SFDC and understand the Campaign Sync to SF function.  We want to use it for "Campaigns" only and are in the midst of planning to do so.


My question is around Programs for Web Pages. These are not considered "Campaigns" per se, so i am thinking we are NOT going to want these programs to sync.  However, we need to make sure the activity gets into SFDC and that any Leads generated from the web activity does get in front of the appropriate people.


Curious how others might be handling incoming web activity.  Is it typical to NOT sync those types of programs and gather/sync just the activity itself?